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Utilizing UiPath's Process Mining functionality, Claim Capital and CampTek are excited to bring you a new way to derive insights in your claims processing.

Process Mining

How does it work?

Process Mining gives users access to information about the lifecycle of all their claims by deriving events from ANSI standard files. Each claim is denoted as a "case" in the system, and each "event" is every step in the process that claim takes, such as initial billing, clearinghouse reconciliation, payer adjudication, and more.

Process Mining Revenue Cycle healthcare

The Process Diagram

Digging Deeper

The Process Diagram is a visual representation of all of the various paths in your claims processing. This diagram allows you to see the exact events of your claims, filtered by features such as payer, denial category, Location/NPI, procedure and diagnoses, and much more. Each pathway also shows the quantity of claims and amount of time taken for each step.

Process Diagram Revenue Cycle healthcare claims

Next Up for Claim Capital

Curious to hear more about the capabilities of Process Mining and how it can be harnessed to improve your organization's revenue cycle? Contact us to view a demo and speak with our team.

Process Mining healthcare revenue cycle

Planning for the future

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