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Process Overview

No software installs
No lengthy engagements
Just a few weeks for guaranteed ROI

Process Diagram



All we need to get started is 30 minutes with members of your operational revenue cycle team. 

#1 Intro Meeting

Let's get to know each other.

We'll meet to discuss our process, review sample deliverables, answer questions, and review any NDAs, BAAs, or other agreements your organization requires.
Learn more about our data security policy

#2 Data Transfer & Analysis

#3 Opportunities Presentation

Here's where we shine.

Our team will work with your clearinghouse and/or IT team to securely transfer claim & remittance data to our HIPAA-compliant AWS server in the cloud.

We then run your data through our proprietary algorithms to identify and quantify areas of opportunity where our experienced RCM team can advise solutions.

Our pitch to you.

We'll present our findings, laying out the top opportunities and their associated revenue impact that we can help your organization operationalize, should you decide to move forward.


Don't pay us a penny unless we save you money. 

We're serious about our engagements being zero-risk for you. That's why we wait until this stage to let you see the value we offer. If you want to move forward, we'll agree to a pricing structure and dive into the details.

#4 Decide if You're Interested


#5 Business Recommendation Review

The devil is in the details, and there are lots of details.

Our seasoned revenue cycle consultants will work with members of your operational and analyst teams to review details of each opportunity and discuss which can be operationalized. We then translate each opportunity into discrete next steps for implementation.

#6 Implementation

Turning our recommendations into results.

Our consultants will help your analyst team and/or clearinghouse implement changes to workflows and automation, test the solutions, and understand expected results of each business opportunity.

#7 Tracking & Impact Review

Show me the results!

We'll continually monitor the effectiveness of each measure implemented and track opportunity-specific KPIs.

After a pre-defined monitoring period, we summarize the financial impact of all implemented opportunities and review payment. Then, we wipe your data from our servers.

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