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Our Story

After years of witnessing healthcare organizations of all sizes struggle with denials management and underpayments while working at Epic, the leading EHR system in the country, we wondered how that could be. We realized that despite an abundance of data and dashboards, there has historically been little in the way of translating this overload of information into action.
That's why we stepped in.

Our team developed CARMA, our AI-powered analytics platform designed specifically for denials and underpayment solutions, to facilitate top-tier consulting. Because we believe you should get paid what you deserve.

Meet our Leadership

Alec Nicolaysen
Chief Operating Officer


Austin Sober
Chief Executive Officer

During his tenure as a claims and remittance implementer at Epic, Austin worked with healthcare organizations collectively generating over $115 billion in annual revenue. After witnessing the extent of write offs due to denials, he knew there had to be a better way.

In addition to working with clients, Austin spearheaded several process improvement efforts, developing tools to improve the efficacy of system audits and better facilitate the analysis of revenue cycle data for Epic's entire community.

Austin left Epic in October 2020 to start developing the algorithms that would become the core of Claim Capital's analytical framework. From working with clients to developing new analytical functionality, Austin jumps in wherever he can help.

Austin Sober

Bringing a passion for applied data analytics, Alec joined Claim Capital as the Chief Operating Officer after his time as a revenue cycle implementer at Epic.

When not managing the day-to-day of claims and remittance installs, Alec led internal projects focused on the improvement of install processes, ease-of-adoption for Epic’s customers, and the creation of tools enabling data-driven decision making.

At Claim Capital, Alec has been a key player in designing the algorithms that power our data-driven consulting practice, architecting and implementing a HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure, and strengthening the technology behind Claim Capital’s operations.

Alec Nicolaysen

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Spencer Dunlap
Director of Client Operations

After his tenure as a claims and remittance implementation specialist at Epic, Spencer left to make his own impact in healthcare, joining Claim Capital as the Director of Client Operations. 

At Epic, Spencer handled claims data nation-wide with organizations like CVS, and internally worked to advance team culture and charitable outreaches within the community. Outside of the industry, Spencer is a multi-published Cognitive Psychologist, conducting and writing research that specializes in interpersonal relationships.

At Claim Capital, Spencer is dedicated to building meaningful partnerships within our community and beyond with a goal of improving providers' financial metrics so that they can focus on quality patient care.

Spencer Dunlap

Connor McGrath
Lead Software Developer


After working as a full stack developer at Epic, Connor decided to pursue his passion for machine learning by taking on the complexity of healthcare billing.

During his time at Epic, Connor designed and implemented new features, led design sessions with domestic and international clients, and ported existing functionality. Outside of Epic, Connor has contributed to data analytics development projects in the transportation and music industries.

As Claim Capital’s Lead Software Developer, Connor leads the development team in the ongoing improvement and expansion of CARMA’s analytical capabilities. Ranging from developing new machine learning models to translating industry regulation into thoughtful design, Connor’s work directly shapes Claim Capital’s ability to help providers get paid what they’re owed.

Connor McGrath
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